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Learn how OriginTrail already powers trusted data exchange in different industries - including Fortune 500 companies. Find out more about the real-world impact of OriginTrail’s AI-powered Decentralized Knowledge Graph.
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“We live in a time of abundant connectivity and alas abundant misinformation. The OriginTrail Decentralized Knowledge Graph (DKG) is an evolving tool for finding the truth in knowledge. In particular, we see knowledge graphs improving the fidelity of artificial intelligence.”

“If you add verifiable credentials to something like OriginTrail, you now have people with reputations that you can trust. It’s no longer just about the information on the knowledge graph, it’s about who signed it. And you can have trust in who signed something without necessarily having to shred the privacy of the person doing the signing. It’s trust that’s also privacy preserving.”

“We are able to have visibility, establish trust in medicines that reach patients, mitigate some of the grey market concerns around diversion and have the proof of it all through the asset that is created on the OriginTrail Decentralized Knowledge Graph.“

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